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In the year 1942, a religious leader and a visionary Shri Shri Sanganabasaveshwar Maha Shivayogigalu of Banthanal, laid a firm foundation to BLDEA by way of establishing various educational institutes. He played a major role in developing the Association and established many Primary, Higher Secondary schools and colleges for Higher education.

In the 1960s another great visionary, Dr. B.M. Patil foresaw the potential and need of scaling up educational opportunities of the people of this region. With his vision and perseverance, he gave a new dimension to the functioning of the institutions under BLDEA and established new institutions to impart professional education. The Association established an Engineering College, Pharmacy College, Nursing College and a Medical College, along with a 1,000 bed teaching hospital, a first of its kind in the country.

A new era began in the 1990’s, when the son of Dr. B.M. Patil, Dr. M. B. Patil, a young and dynamic leader, took over the reins of BLDEA. His primary objective was providing quality education with modern concepts of liberalization, globalization and tremendous expansion in various new courses. He conceived the need for establishing a University and strived to establish the BLDE University, which came into existence on 29th February, 2008.

The BLDEA is propagating education in Bijapur and Bagalkot districts, which are recognized as socially, economically and educationally backward areas by then British Government and by present UGC, State Government and Central Government.

BLDEA sponsors and runs more then 75 Institutions in both rural and urban areas of Bijapur (now Vijayapura) and Bagalkot Districts. It includes Primary schools, High Schools, Pre-University Colleges, Degree colleges of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Education Science, Fine arts, Pharmacy, Nursing, Nursery, Sericulture, Engineering & Polytechnic, Medical Sciences with Post Graduate courses; and sponsors the BLDE University in detail.


The Bijapur Lingayat Development Association (BLDEA) was established in the year 1910. It is a not for profit organization catering to the educational needs of under priviliged children and widening educational opportunities. Promoting religious, scientific and general literature is one of the important objective of the Association. BLDEA aims to achieve this objective by establishing schools, colleges and free student hostels for poor students. The Association with a rich history of more than a century is dedicating for multi-literary development through its wide educational and cultural institutions network.

Lower strata of the society and poor are the association’s target group. BLDEA has successfully completed its 100 years of fruitful, influential and proud existence. Presently more then 75 institutions are functionong under the aegis of BLDEA in various streams starting from primary, secondary, high schools to PU Colleges, Autonomous Arts, Science & Commerce Degree Colleges, Engineering College, Medical College, Business Schools, Pharmacy College, Nursing College and professional instittutions like Colleges of Education, Polytechnics & BLDE University. Thus, the Association has contributed significantly in development of educational sector to the country.


Dr. P. G. Halakatti, a native of Dharwad and a visionary, known as ‘Vachana Pitamaha’, who migrated to Bijapur (present Vijayapura) founded the association initially in the name of ‘Bijapur Lingayat Educational Institute’, on October 23, 1910. In the year 1917, the ‘Bijapur Lingayat Educational Institute’ took over the ‘New English School’, a school then run by German based Bashel Mission Company. About 83 students were studying in the school then. Later it was renamed as Siddeshwara Secondary Education School. Thus the journey of BLDEA in imparting education commenced. BLDEA is presently a pioneer institution of North Karnataka, which has gained wide reputation and populatiry among the people. As the number of students grew, Dr. P. G. Halakatti felt the need of owning a new building. Knowing the perseverance of Dr. P. G. Halakatti and development of the school, the State Govt. granted six acres of land to the Association, soon after foundation was laid for the own school building.

Functioning with a concern for the overall development of North Karnataka, BLDEA established the Sri Siddeshwara Urban Cooperative Bank and started extending financial assistance to the poor people in the region. The mastermind behind the Cooperative Bank Dr. P. G. Halakatti along with extending various benefits to the poor, also strove to strengthen the cooperative sector. As a result a new era of empowerment in various areas like literature, social, educational and economical sectors began in North Karnataka.

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About us

Sri B M Patil Pre-Primary and Primary School

Sri B M Patil Pre-Primary and Primary School has made a strong beginning ever since its inception in 2014. Peacefully nestled in a convenient location in Vijayapura city, the school has succeeded in drawing the attention of parents who aspire to provide nothing but the best quality education to their children.

It is not just the majestic building that beckons the onlookers, but the quality of education that is imparted inside the building. The faculty and management of the institute are striving hard to provide quality education not just for the urban children, but even for students from the rural background.

Our vision makes us stand out from the crowd. At Sri B M Patil Pre-Primary and Primary School we aim to not just become a center of learning, but also a center of excellence. Our greater objective is to equip our students with 21st century skills.

Our philosophy too sets us apart from the rest. We do not believe in producing students to be part of the rat race. We rather focus on value-based education and give attention to their emotional and spiritual development.

With a view to adhere to this philosophy, we at Sri B M Patil Pre-Primary and Primary School have come out with a creative teaching module wherein lessons and concepts are taught in a way which contributes to the holistic development of the child.

We at Sri B M Patil Pre-Primary and Primary School believe that the children should not be merely route learners; education should not merely aim to impart knowledge but skill-building forms an important component of the education system in our school.

Our core philosophy can be summed up like this: We aim to prepare students to have the brain of Einstein and the heart of Buddha.